A dream to have an apartment in Barcelona (or somewhere else in Catalonia), a place where you can come once in a while and enjoy the Mediterranean sea, the sun, the environment, the food, the culture - the multitude of things.

But to have a property far away from your home could also create problems. That is if you don’t have someone to take care of everything - and that’s where we are entering.

Avenida Barcelona has a service and management department for property owners and this part was mainly created when we saw that many foreigners bought apartment in Barcelona, and also wanted to rent it out when they where not there themselves.

We take care of everything you need with your property:

- Repairs and maintenance

- Cleaning

- General control of the apartment

- RentalsContacts with the authorities

- Contacts with the neighbours

- Control of correspondance and translations

If you have an apartment with touristlicens there are more services we can offer and these services are all obligated to have covered for all the persons renting out to tourists:

- Control of personal details of the guests and registration to the local police.

- Charging the tourist tax and declaring to the Catalan government.

- 24h Telephone attention 365 days a year for neighbours or clients.

- Clients attention during their stay in the apartment.

- Marketing and renting out and presence at all the big portals.

- Control of the changes/news regarding the regulations for renting out apartments to tourists.

- Responsable for the rental business representing the owner.

Contact us on email info@avenidabarcelona.com for more information.